Statement on the invasion of Ukraine

FILLM statement on invasion of Ukraine
As endorsed by the FILLM Executive Working Group
9 March 2022

The International Federation for Modern Languages and Literatures expresses its horror at the illegal invasion of Ukraine.
FILLM is a global body that represents international associations of experts who teach and research in fields of language and literature. The guiding purpose of our members is to better understand cultural differences within and across borders. Our daily work is to reduce the need and the temptation for war, to expand the world’s opportunities for engagement and cooperation, and thus to reduce the temptation for war.

FILLM is affiliated to UNESCO through membership in the International Council for Philosophy and the Humanities (CIPSH). Endorsing UNESCO’s position, FILLM is deeply concerned about the ongoing military operations and the escalation of violence in Ukraine. These activities are inconsistent with the Charter of the United Nations.

As with every language and culture, the languages and cultures of Ukraine are precious gifts to humankind. FILLM is committed to working to assist in a post-invasion rehabilitation of Ukraine. We extend our care and sympathy to all people in Ukraine, Russia, and elsewhere who are suffering and will suffer on account of this invasion.




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