Poste lecteur Avignon Université, 2024-2025

Un poste de lecteur en anglais (LLCER/LEA) est ouvert à Avignon Université pour l’année 2024-2025.

Language teaching assistant in English – lecteur/lectrice d’anglais. Avignon Université

The language teaching assistant – Lecteur/lectrice d’anglais will be teaching English language and culture to undergraduate students in LEA and LLCER

Semester 1 = Sept 9 to end of December 2024

Semester 2 = End of January to beginning of May 2025

Classes will focus on oral communication and will address students in both LEA and LLCER

The lecteur/lectrice will be required to assess their students during both 12-weeks-semesters .

Temporary position for 1 year (01/09/2024-31/08/2025), renewable for 1 more year only.

Salary is based on French « indice brut 340 (indice majoré 321) » = 1486,32 euros/month (gross salary).

(Les lecteurs de langue étrangère sont rémunérés par référence à l’indice brut 340 (indice majoré 321), soit une rémunération de 1 486,32 euros bruts par mois).

Selection process:

Please send your application by e-mail to Flora Valadié and Eleanor Stewart (flora.valadie eleanor.stewart) in French, with 2 attached documents in PDF format: Doc 1. Intention letter + Doc 2. CV

Please do not join any other document (such as testimonials or diplomas). Applications should be sent before June 30th

Short-listed candidates will be interviewed 15 minutes via an online platform between July 2nd and 5th.




Étiquettes :