les 17-18 mars 2018 Université de Caen Normandie “A diachronic approach to Ian McEwan’s fiction : from sensationalism to ethical writing ”

Université de Caen Normandie les 17-18 mars 2018.

A diachronic approach to Ian McEwan’s fiction : from sensationalism to ethical writing ”

We are pleased to announce a CFP for submissions to a two-day conference dedicated to the work of Ian McEwan, in the presence of the author.

Ian McEwan is a prolific writer with a diversified oeuvre (short-stories, novels, screenplays ….). From the enfant terrible’s early works that earned him the nickname of Ian Macabre to the author of the daring Nutshell via the respected recipient of the Booker Prize in 1998 for Amsterdam and many others for Atonement, he has repeatedly reinvented himself and experimented with narrative codes.

This symposium will focus on McEwan’s fiction (early and more recent, novels and short-stories, studied individually or together). It proposes to examine, for example,

  • McEwan’s engagement with memory, trauma and the past (Atonement, Black Dogs…) as well as with contemporary issues (such as euthanasia in Amsterdam, the Iraq war in Saturday….) and his engagement with the sciences,

  • the varied narrative strategies he has adopted,

  • the ways in which he has depicted individuals facing difficult choices and dilemmas (as in Enduring Love…),

  • how he has been influenced by particular writers or genres (Sweet Tooth and the spy novel for example) and has reappropriated and rewritten them,

  • the reception of his work,

  • how his work has influenced the younger generation of writers.

Proposals on screen adaptations of Ian McEwan’s work will be considered too.

Proposals (200 words) and a short biography to be sent by September 18th, 2017 to armelle.parey@unicaen.fr AND isabelle.roblin@univ-littoral.fr. Notification will be sent by mid-October.




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