JE « Jeremy Corbyn et le parti travailliste »/ »Labour under Corbyn », vendredi 18 juin 2021, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle/EHESS

Veuillez trouver ci-dessous l'appel à communication pour la journée d'étude
"Jeremy Corbyn et le parti travailliste"/ "Labour under Corbyn"
co-organisée par le Center for Research on the English-Speaking World
(Université Sorbonne Nouvelle) et le Centre d'études sociologiques et
politiques Raymond-Aron (EHESS) et reportée en raison de la crise sanitaire.

La journée d'étude se tiendra le *vendredi 18 juin 2021* à la Maison de la
Recherche de l'Université Sorbonne Nouvelle, 4 rue des Irlandais, 75005
Paris (salle Athéna).

Nous accepterons vos propositions de communication jusqu'au 7 décembre 2020.

Bien cordialement,
Toufik Abdou & Denis Rayer


Jeremy Corbyn's election as Labour leader in September 2015 was one of the
biggest upsets in British political history. A veteran socialist, who had
spent 30 years on the back benches championing controversial causes, Jeremy
Corbyn scraped on to the ballot paper at the last minute, thanks to
nominations from Labour MPs who had wanted a token left-winger to "broaden
the debate". His entry into the contest prompted a surge in people joining
the party or paying £ 3 to become registered supporters, taking advantage
of new leadership contest rules.

Jeremy Corbyn's election in 2015 prompted a battle for the soul of the
Labour Party between grassroots members who rallied behind Mr Corbyn and
many of the party's MPs, who regarded him as an electoral liability.
Despite the constant infighting, Jeremy Corbyn remoulded the Labour Party
and managed to shift it to the left.

This one-day conference will try and cut through the fog of uncritical
adulation and unthinking hostility towards Jeremy Corbyn in order to shine
a light on the origins and dynamics of the Corbyn movement and give some
answers to the following questions: What was the Labour Party under Jeremy
Corbyn? How did it work? How was it organised? What will be the legacy of
Jeremy Corbyn in the history of the Labour movement? What could be the
future of Corbynism?

We will welcome contributions in the shape of 20-minute presentations in
French or in English. We would like to reach out to include perspectives on
Jeremy Corbyn from all subfields in political science as well as fields
such as British history, economics, sociology or communication and media

These perspectives include but are not limited to the following themes:
- Factions within the Labour Party
-The Labour Party and the role of trade unions
-Jeremy Corbyn and social media
-Political communication, Jeremy Corbyn and the mainstream media
-Election campaigns and political mobilisation
-Jeremy Corbyn's leadership style
-The Corbyn ideology/ Corbynomics/ Corbynism
-The evolution of decision-making in the Labour Party
-the role of Momentum

Please submit 250/300-word abstracts by 7 December 2020 to Toufik Abdou (
toufik.abdou at and Denis Rayer (denis.rayer at All
proposals should include name, affiliation, email address, research
discipline and a short biography.

*Organising committee*
Toufik Abdou, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle
Denis Rayer, EHESS

*Scientific committee*
Toufik Abdou, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle
Yohann Aucante, EHESS
Emmanuelle Avril, Université Sorbonne Nouvelle
Patrick Diamond, Queen Mary University of London
Denis Rayer, EHESS




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