Société des Anglicistes de l'Enseignement Supérieur

La Société des Anglicistes de l’Enseignement Supérieur

The SAES  (Société des Anglicistes de l’Enseignement Supérieur)  provides opportunities for those researching and teaching English language, literatures in English and cultures of English-speaking peoples to exchange information, discuss issues of common professional interest and work together.

The SAES has nearly thirty affiliated societies  specialising in particular areas of English studies. In association with the AFEA (Association Française d’Études Américaines), the SAES provides research grants to doctoral students and teachers. The SAES is a member of ESSE (The European Society of the Study of English).


Angles: French Perspectives on the Anglophone World is an international online peer-reviewed journal published bi-annually by the SAES. This interdisciplinary journal has a triple aim: to encourage innovative interdisciplinary research; to make cutting-edge research freely available; to make full use of the possibilities offered by digital publication by encouraging the use of different modes of expression: text, image, video, podcasts, hyperlinks…

Annual Conference

The SAES organises an annual conference which is held every June in a French university. Some of the workshops are held in English, others in French.  For more information, and subscription details,  see Congrès Annuel.

The 2020 Conference will be held at the University of Tours. on the 4th, 5th and 6th of June 2020

The conference theme is “Renaissances”



Our members  benefit from an internal mail system (Messagerie) that allows them to contact all other registered members by e-mail.  Members receive frequent messages concerning teaching appointments, forthcoming conferences, recent publications, as well as other information relevant to the English-speaking world. They also have access to our  on-line interactive directory, which contains the names, adresses, e-mail addreses and research specialities of all our members.  For more information on this feature, see Espace  adhérents.



As well as our  annual conference, held every June in a French university, we organise a two day event every September, for members of the SAES and members of our affiliated societies. See Journées de Septembre.

Our site offers a comprehensive list of forthcoming conferences (“colloques”) dealing with research and teaching of the English language, literatures in English and cultures of English-speaking peoples. Most of the calls for papers have an English version. See Colloques et Journées d’études    There is also a list of conferences that deal specifically with parts of the national syllabus connected to France’s national teaching examinations, the agrégation externe and agrégation interne ; see Colloques et Journées d’études sur les programmes de concours.


Appel à communications : Colloque international Call for papers: International conference traductologie, sociolinguistique, études culturelles translation studies, sociolinguistics, cultural studies (see website for English version)...
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9 juin, l’université de Saint-Etienne, Plurivocalité et polyphonies : une voie vers la modernité?

La branche stéphanoise du laboratoire IHRIM, Institut d’Histoire des Représentations et des Idées dans les Modernités, lance un appel à communication pour une journée d’étude le 9 juin, à l’université de Saint-Etienne, sur Plurivocalité et...
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24 – 25 – 26 juin 2020. Colloque “Mémoires de guerre” Le Mans Université

En 2020, année anniversaire, après dix années de collaboration active et féconde, les laboratoires ACE (Rennes 2), 3L.AM (Le Mans) et le Collège militaire royal du Canada (Kingston, Ontario) souhaitent mobiliser les chercheurs et la société civile, plus...
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Jeudi 16 avril et vendredi 17 avril 2020 Maison de la Recherche Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3 « Art intermediation » : l’intermédiation par les arts aux États-Unis depuis 1945. Concepts, périmètres, espaces

Colloque international Jeudi 16 avril et vendredi 17 avril 2020   Maison de la Recherche  Université Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3   Organisation scientifique : Christine Zumello (Sorbonne Nouvelle – Paris 3, EA CREW), Monica Manolescu (Université de Strasbourg – EA...
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February 26-27, 2020 CFP Kala pani Crossings #2 Diaspora and Gender across the Indian and Atlantic Oceans University of Pondicherry, India

English studies, French studiesin partnership withEMMA, Université Paul-Valéry Montpellier 3, Franceéens-et-internationaux/kala-pani-crossingsVenue: University of Pondicherry, IndiaDates:...
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April 4th 2020 Gothic, Teens and Pop Culture (2000-2020) One-day conference Venue: Reims University TROYES CAMPUS Place du Préau 10 000 Troyes

  Convenors: Yannick Bellenger-Morvan and Marine Galiné URCA/CIRLEP EA 4299   “The Gothic has always had links with adolescence,” Glennis Byron and Sharon Deans maintain (Hogle 2014), arguing that the teenage character, whose mind and body are marked by...
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11 au 13 décembre 2019 Colloque « Cultures populaires et politique » Université de La Rochelle-Université de Reims Lieu du colloque : Université de La Rochelle

L’ambition de ce colloque est de révéler les liens étroits, quoique souvent cachés ou implicites, entre cultures populaires et politique. En effet, que cette dernière se joue d’elles, soit ridiculisée ou louée par elles, il apparaît intéressant d’interroger ce champ...
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15th and 16th May 2020. COLLABORATION, PARTICIPATION AND COLLECTIVE PRACTICES IN CONTEMPORARY PHOTOGRAPHY IN THE UK AND FRANCE. International Conference Organized by IMAGER (UPEC) and CLIMAS (Université Bordeaux-Montaigne), Université Paris Est Créteil,

  The conference seeks to address collaboration and the spectrum of collective working methods which have defined and keep informing some of the independent practices in the field of photography in the 20th and 21st centuries. Our focus is on the UK and France,...
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13-14 mars 2020 Colloque annuel de la SOFEIR Université de Reims Champagne-Ardenne « Irlande : Spectres et chimères » « Ireland : Spectres and Chimeras »

SCROLL DOWN FOR THE ENGLISH VERSION Invités d’honneur : Claude Fierobe, Professeur émérite, Université de Reims, auteur de De Melmoth à Dracula, la littérature fantastique irlandaise au XIXe siècle (2000), L’Irlande fantastique (recueil de nouvelles, 2004), Les...
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13-14 May 2020/13-14 mai 2020 Lydia Davis, Writing, Reading and Translation /Lydia Davis, écrire, lire et traduire International conference organized by /Colloque international organisé par Institute of Modern Languages Research (School of Advanced Study, University of London)

Institute of Modern Languages Research, Senate House Keynote speakers/Conférenciers invités Emily Eells, University of Paris 10-Nanterre Jonathan Evans, University of Portsmouth (French version below/version française ci-dessous) ‘To read is to translate, and to...
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The SAES has a Research Commission, which convenes several times a year. In 2016, it published a White Paper on the current state of  research in English  within French universities and research institutions. The French version of the paper is available here.

For a list of English research groups in French universities,  please see this page : Equipes de recherche

Our members regularly publish books. For a list of recent publications, see this page ; Fonds SAES.

2400 members

The society has over 2400 members. Full membership is open to anyone who teaches (or has taught) English  in any part of the French higher education system. Doctoral students enrolled in a French university, as well as teachers of English in foreign universities, may also apply for membership. Please see Adhésion.


The SAES has a special commission dedicated to university teaching and training.  It convenes several times a year. Recently, it has produced a comprehensive survey on the teaching of English for specific purposes. This, along with other related information, can be found here.

The Board

The board comprises ten members. They can be contacted via their email addresses, which you can find here. Alternatively, you can contact us via


University lecturer and professor positions, as well as temporary assistant positons (for doctoral students)  are published on a national site managed by the French Ministry for Education.

Lecteur and maître de langue positions (native speaker assistant positions) are advertised by each university, either on its internet site or via its English department. A few positions are mentioned on this page


Log in to our members' space : the on-line interactive directory

Only current members are allowed access to the on-line interactive directory.

Full membership is open to anyone who teaches (or has taught) English  in any part of the French higher education system. Doctoral students enrolled in a French university, as well as teachers of English in foreign universities, may also apply for membership. Please see Adhésion.

Contact us

The SAES  board comprises ten members. They can be contacted via their email addresses, which you can find here. Alternatively, you can contact us via