The University and the English Department: + “Licence anglais”,
The Université de Perpignan-Via Domitia is home to 10,000 students, studying in the fields of Humanities, Law, Science, Business and Technology, Tourism, and Sports; a French language school (CUEF) operates all year round. Set in a particularly attractive location – near the Spanish border, in a sunny historical town where the cost of living is relatively low and transport is easy (airport 10’)–, the university provides a pleasant and stimulating work environment.
The Département des études anglophones offers a Licence LLCER anglais and two Master’s degrees (research and education). A dozen permanent members of staff teach 100 to 150 undergraduates and postgraduates specializing in English. The research Master (Master Arts, Lettres et Langues) attracts a highly international group of visiting professors and students, the Département des Etudes anglophones being part of the Erasmus Mundus consortium “Crossways in European Humanities”.

Job requirements and description

In 2018/19, we are hiring a European native speaker of English who will work alongside our non-European lectrice who is staying on for a second year. Applicants should hold an MA (or similar) in Humanities, and should be fluent in French. They should be competent to describe the English language precisely in grammatical and in phonological terms and to use and teach the IPA for English.
The position involves teaching duties and administrative tasks such as forming class groups and processing the students’ assessment results, as well as organizing extracurricular activities and administering an English club, “l’Assoc des anglicistes” (FB Assoc des anglicistes Perpignan).
Contracts are for 12 months 1 Oct-30 Sep., but in practice lecteurs/lectrices are requested to be available from late August to early July. Contracts may be extended for a second year and the Department encourages assistants to stay for two years.
Staff must be available for the two 12-week teaching periods (early September to early May) and during revision, examination and board of examinations periods. The pay is 1200 € per month net and the workload is 300 teaching hours per year, plus about half a day a week to be devoted to organizing and attending extracurricular student activities with the Assoc des anglicistes. The Department’s two language assistants (one European and one non-European) are encouraged to work together, both in teaching and administrative duties and in club activities. These can be adapted to each assistant’s talents and include taking on an administrative function in the Association des anglicistes together with student members and organizing activities (“Pub Quiz” nights, conversation sessions, etc.; see FB.)
The lecteurs mainly teach oral classes and organize language laboratory sessions in the Centre de langues (, but may teach other classes, e.g. Translation or Writing skills, depending on needs and their personal qualifications. The workload is defined by the English department but a large part of the teaching is done for the Département de Langues Etrangères Appliquées (LEA), and occasionally for other departments such as History.
A lecteur / lectrice wishing to take another job must obtain permission from the University’s Human Resources office. There is no problem with this over the summer period, which is paid as in the rest of the year. For more information, please contact Dr Hélène Guillaume,
Applications (CV in English, cover letter in French) should be sent jointly by 31st May 2017 to:

Mme Isabelle CASES,,  Directrice, Département des Etudes Anglophones
Université de Perpignan – Via Domitia, Faculté des Lettres, Batiment Y
52 avenue Paul Alduy, 66860 PERPIGNAN, France.