Recruiting body:

UBO (Université de Bretagne Occidentale) is located in Brittany, on the north-western coast of France. It is a medium-sized university (around 23,000 students) offering a wide range of programmes in all fields. It is a multi campus university, with the main site in Brest and satellite campuses in Quimper and Morlaix.


Recruiting service

The Pôle langues is a cross-faculty department of Brest university working mainly for non-language-specialist students and also for Brest university staff and PhD students. We recruit language teachers, organize their time-tables, set up various teaching schemes aimed at improving our students and our colleagues’ language levels and confidence in a foreign language. We are also in charge of the courses of French as a foreign language.


Recruitment context

The English-speaking assistant is recruited in the context of the SEA-EU European University Alliance. The position is funded by the French National Research Agency (ANR).


Position description

The successful candidate will be either a native speaker of English or a well-qualified Master’s student or a student with a diploma equivalent to 4 years of studies in English with a C2 level in English (based on the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR). A B1 level in French is desirable although not essential.

The position offers a good opportunity for someone considering a career in teaching with a keen interest in the English language and the cultures of English-speaking countries


The language assistant is recruited above all to help non language-specialist students (lawyers, scientists, historians…) and UBO staff to improve their speaking and listening skills in conversation classes, with small groups of people or in language laboratory sessions. These classes are called “Travaux Pratiques”, or TP.

The language assistant brings support to the LANSAD (LANgues pour Spécialistes  d’Autres Disciplines)  English teachers who teach English to specialists of other subjects, with their classes in the various faculties or with the staff.

The assistant will also promote English through extra-academic activities (quizzes, various clubs etc.). He/she will also promote the international mobility of staff and students.

He/She may also participate in knowledge testing and exam monitoring. Some proper English classes may also have to be held.


These hours are done, for the Language Pole, in Brest and Plouzané (near Brest). Some sessions may take place in Quimper (Pôle Per Jakez Hélias), 70 km from Brest (transport costs -train/car- will be covered by the University)


The language assistant provides 300 hours of TP, face-to-face with students or staff throughout the academic year.

The monthly gross salary will be approximately 1504 € (corresponding to approximately 1218€ net salary)


Application file

Documents required:


–        a curriculum vitae

–        a cover letter

–        a copy of your ID


The applications must be submitted by email to specifying “application for English language assistant” in the subject line.

Online interviews will be held with  the short-listed applicants.

The deadline for applications is May 25th at noon.