Language teaching job at a French University 2019-20

We are looking for applicants for a teaching position at Nantes University, France. The job title is “lecteur de langue”, and involves teaching English oral practice classes, based on games, role-plays, presentations, debates, discussions and so on. Students you would be teaching are undergraduates or post-graduates specializing in languages while working towards qualifications in business, translation or teaching.


Applicants must be native English speakers, and hold a Master’s level post-graduate diploma (please note that you won’t be considered if you have already completed a PhD, although you may be currently working on one). An intermediate level of French is preferable. Teaching experience or other professional experience is a plus. Autonomy, initiative, motivation, an outgoing nature and a willingness to share your culture and experiences are a must.

The job entails a twelve-month contract (1st Sept 2019 to 31st August 2020), which may be renewable for the following year. The net salary is around 1150 euros per month, for 300 annual teaching hours, plus administrative duties, such as organizing oral exams, and social/cultural activities run by the team. There is no allowance for travel costs. Although this salary may seem low when converted into your local currency, it is worth noting that it is a reasonable income in relation to the local cost of living. You would be teaching around 13-16 hours per week for 24 weeks (two semesters of 12 weeks), plus participating in exams for around 7 weeks. However, the position leaves you with plenty of free time. There are opportunities to supplement income with overtime teaching hours and other part-time activities. It is also possible to enroll part-time on a university course.

The team of “lecteurs” within the Languages Faculty in Nantes is made up of 7 members, from all different backgrounds and geographical origins within the English-speaking world. The atmosphere is friendly and relaxed, with plenty of support for newcomers. It is a fantastic opportunity to discover a foreign culture, gain work experience abroad, develop teaching skills, improve your French and make new friends from across the world.


If you are interested, please send a CV/resume, cover letter (your background and why you would like the job), and a letter of reference (professor, previous employer etc.) to: , or feel free to contact me for more information if required. Applications are open until 22nd March 2019.